Perrier Party Rentals

Apollo Tallboy Table 26x26x40
White Leather Sofa
White Leather Sofa
White Leather Mini Chaise
White Leather Mini Chaise

White Leather Sectional
Silver Sofa
Chesterfield: Large Silver Tufted Leather Sofa
Silver Arm Chair
Chesterfield: Silver Tufted Leather Arm Chair

Apollo Quarter Bar

Hercules-Regal Chair: White

Chesterfield: Small Brown Tufted Leather Sofa

Hercules-Regal Chair: White – rear

Apollo 4ft Bar

White Leather Banquette

Teramo: White Leather Armless Mid Section

Teramo: White Leather (2 end pieces)

Chesterfield: Small White Tufted Leather Sofa

Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic End Table

Chesterfield: White Tufted Leather Arm Chair

Driftwood Coffee Table

Driftwood Wicker Sofa

Driftwood Wicker Chair

Hercules-Regal Sofa: White

Hercules-Regal Chair: Black

Hercules-Regal Sofa: Black

Louis XIV Chair

Apollo 6ft x 18″ wide 16″, 36″ or 40″ high

54″ Rustic Warm Grey Table

Natural Linen Tufted Ottoman

Golden Arrow Accent Table

Natural Linen Tufted Sofa

Heirloom Medallion Blue Rug

Louis XIV Chair Padded Seat & Back

Apollo 6ft x 30″ x 40″ high this size ONLY in Silver

Apollo 36″ x 36″ x 30″ high or 40″ high

Apollo Bookcase

Apollo Wire & Glass Top Table

Apollo Barstool White Cushion also Bar height Love Seat available

Marlton Accent Table

Ghost Bar Stool – No Back

Natural Linen Sofa, Ottoman, Padded Louis XIV, Blue Heirloom Rug, Golden Arrow & Marlton Tables

Ghost Bar Stool

Apollo Tallboy, Ghost Bar Stool (no back) & Gold Infinity Chairs

White Chesterfield Sofa, Arm Chair, Mirror Coffee & End Tables in front of Grass Hedges

36×36 Sq. Farm Tallboy Table & Pilgrim Bar Stools

Brown Chesterfield Sofa, Arm Chairs, Rustic Coffee Table & Black Chiavari Bar Stools

Silver Chesterfield Sofa, Arm Chairs, Mirror Coffee Table & LED Lighting

White Leather Banquette, LED Lighting & Monogram

Grass Hedge 8ft x 4ft

Grass Hedges with String Lights

White Leather Sectional, Chairs, Ottoman, Mirror End Table, Ghost Chairs & Festoon Lights

White Leather Sofa, Chairs, Ottoman, Mirror End Tables & White Chiavari Bar Stools

Staging with Black Stage Covering & Festoon Lights

Gold Mirror Coffee Table

Apollo Wire Table as a cake table

Apollo 4ft Bar with 2 Quarter Bars

Grass Hedges decorated with flowers behind Fuschia Capri Linen

Teramo Furniture with Fuschia & Blush Pink Capri Pillows

Apollo Bar Height Love Seat (white cushion only)

8ft Honey White Bar

Chesterfield: Brown Tufted Leather Arm Chair
white leather ottoman
White Leather Ottoman

High Back Leather Chair: Black or Brown
antique chair
Antique Chair

Mirror Coffee Table

Mirror End Table
glow bar
Glow Bar
Glow Cube
Glow Cube
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